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While I don’t post every day, I intend to comment on current events that I feel inspired to write about. My writing is inspired solely by my passion for this country and the struggles we are facing. The current news cycle and pace of developments over the last year has been pretty consistent and intense, so expect to see frequent short and sweet current event post in addition to my traditional articles.

-Ben Dixon


Weekly post and ongoing series

U.N-finished Business: The Aftermath – August 7th, 2017

Part Four will be the final post in our series about the United Nations. It will cover the following:

  • An analysis of ex-president Barack Obama’s collusion with United Nations bureaucrats, in attempts to weaken the United States, as well as Israel. Obama’s ambitions to lead the UN – as if I haven’t provided enough evidence for the need to dismantle it!
  • Dissection or Destruction? Do we pressure the UN into rebuking its inherently left wing, Anti-American agenda and propose key changes, or dismantle it altogether? What options are available to pursue these aims?
  • The post UN world: What the geopolitical future looks like in a world without the UN, and the emergence of new, more effective international organizations.

From Russia, with love: The Dems long love affair with Moscow

to be released on July 21th, 2017

Liberals all over television and social media have suddenly shifted from a view of Russia as being the antidote to supposed American imperialism, to a position identical to that which Republicans have held for generations.

  • We will discuss how the Clinton’s created Putin, how they are responsible for his ascent to power and why he hates them so much. This information will also reveal why he attempted to interfere in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of anyone but Hillary and would’ve done the same regardless of the candidate.
  • Turn by turn: A sort of play by play analysis of Putin’s moves, and American counter moves. How we got to the outbreak of a new Cold War
  • How Obama’s weak foreign policy empowered Putin, and how Obama and Clinton’s strategy of appeasement emboldened Putin. Obama’s massive ego, and the breakdown of post Soviet Russo-American relations.

Finally, we will touch on what Trump must do to move the hand back from three minutes to midnight. How to diffuse the current tension between the two powers, end the wars in Ukraine and Syria, and bring east and west together.

While initially meant to be a one part piece it has turned into a series do to the length and detail needed to provide a truly accurate picture. There will also be a collaboration with my new history blog Into the cauldron beginning with the second installment of from Russia with love.

This collaboration will discuss the evolution of the Russian Army since Putin came to power, their operations in Georgia, Syria and Ukraine, an analysis of current readiness levels, comparative strengths and weaknesses.

The Limits of Liberty

to be released August 2017

This article, which I am fired up about, ill explain the give and take relationship between individuals, and the society they live in.

  • We will begin with the basic theory of the commonwealth, and how the framers envisioned a society where certain behaviors and liberties would be exchanged for a secure, healthy and prosperous society.
  • I will explain what factors our society takes into consideration to determine which behaviors, actions and belief systems must be outlawed for the common good, and why it is a citizens civic duty to uphold these laws even when they disagree with them.
  • This post will be controversial to… certain people within our society. However, political correctness be dammed!! We must govern by facts, not feelings! If we claim to be a society who honors and wishes to govern based on scientific data, than we must apply this to all aspects of governance.




Something on your mind?

Is there’s a particular subject or event you would like to hear about? Is there something that you wish you knew more about for the sake of argument, or general knowledge?

Go to the contact page in the menu bar up top, and shoot me an email.

Into the cauldron

 Into the cauldron is a history specific blog which will be linked to this one. It will provide articles by myself and others regarding the following:

  1. Specific battles and campaigns Americans have fought in, overtly and covertly
  2. Clandestine operations by the United States, as well as the men who fought them.
  3. Summaries of major conflicts, the socio-economic conditions which created them, and were created by them.
  4. Foreign military personnel, units, campaigns, etc..
  5. Warfare in the classical world
  6. The Art of War as it was carried out by various political movements.
  7. Analysis of US and foreign military readiness, doctrinal pitfalls, strengths/weaknesses, etc..

I will also post book recommendations, excellent articles and educational videos linked from other sites that I feel are just too good not to share, and more!

History has been a life long passion of mine, as far back as I can remember. I’m excited to share my own knowledge and passion with anyone who finds it half as interesting as I do. God willing, it will be ready by August with 4 articles at launch, with articles that will also tie in with articles here on Reveille VA!


I am happy to announce that Into the Cauldron is almost ready for launch. Also, a long time friend of mine with an equally deep love of history will also be a contributor to the page. Donivan Becker is a student at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, where he has majored in History and Sociology. He is an intelligent, well read and spoken man and I’m very excited to have him on board.


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