The day the riots stopped

The sad truth..

While we have witnessed endless protest, riots, and even random assasination style killings against police officers over the last few years, we have repeatedly been told that these actions were a reaction to the unchecked power of the police. The sad truth is that these protestors don’t care about police violence, they only care about one sliver in the large shit cake.

justine and Don Damond
Justine Ruszcyk and her fiance Don Damond.

July 15, 2017 an unarmed woman was gunned down in cold blood by a police officer. Justine Ruszcyk had called 9-11 for a suspected sexual assault in the alley behind her home in Minneapolis. As the patrol car slowly made its way through the alleyway, she approached the driver door to speak with the responding officer, when the officer in the passanger seat opened fire. Officer Mohamud Noor, a 31 year old Somali-American had fired the shot that would take Justine’s life.

Who is Mohamud Noor?

Mohamud Noor

Mohamud Noor is a 31 year old Somali immigrant who has lived in the US since an early age. With only two years on the police force, he was the subject of three complaints – two of which are still open. After a May 25th incident, Noor was sued by a woman for false imprisonment, assault and battery. The lawsuit – which is ongoing, claims that upon entering a womans home, Noor man handled the woman and aggrevated a previous shoulder injury. Noor claims that at the time he believed the woman was suffering from a mental health crisis when he forced her into his squad car are took her to a mental hospital, the woman denies that she has ever had mental health issues.

We do not know currently what the other complaints pertain to, as the department has been very tight lipped about Noor. We do know however, that his wife filed for a divorce in December of last year.

The narrative

Unlike prior police involved shootings, the media has portrayed this incident as a tragic mistake, in complete contradiction to the dozens of officer involved shootings involving black and white participants. The Washington Post and other major news agencies have included in each article that Noor is known as a “kind and caring individual.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t recall a single news article regarding a police shooting within the last 8 years where the officer has been called anything but a racist, or has been given the benefit of the doubt in any way, shape, or form.

Washington Post article. Feel bad for the Somali community, not the innocent woman who was gunned down.

This is the only instance where the media has attempted to portray the killer as a good person with a calling who cared about the community. It seems as though the media is going to great, even absurd lengths to portray Noor as an angel who made a simple mistake. Try not to vomit as you continue reading.

Suud Olat said he did not know Noor personally but saw him at community events. The first time he met Noor was six months ago at a soccer tournament in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood where Noor and other officers were patrolling. Olat described Noor as a kind, fair person who cares about protecting citizens. “I feel sad,” Olat said. – Star Tribune

The usual suspects are all MIA

The silence in their responses is deafening:

  • Black lives matter: No riots or calls for dead cops.
  • Politicians: No comment.
  • Barack Obama: Not exclaiming that Justine could’ve been his daughter.
  • Al Sharp-tongue: Taking selfies in his mansion.
  • ANTIFA: not burning things down, for once.

Is this really where we are as a nation? I listen to the news every day, on my way to work, on my way home and after dinner. This happened Saturday night, and I didn’t even hear about it until Monday. It just blows my mind that this open hypocrisy is so widely accepted. It blows my mind that the media is bending over backwards to not report this incident, and claim how the poor Somali community is in fear that they will be targetted because of it.. Oh, you mean like the white citizens ripped from their cars and beaten in the very same city during riots after a white officer killed a black citizen who stated he had a gun before reaching behind his back??

It took days for the name and ethnicity of the officer to be released. Had it been a white cop and even a black gang banger or drug dealer who tried to take the cops gun, we would’ve heard about who and what happened almost immedietly whether we wanted to or not! It would’ve been breaking news, the mainstream media proclaiming that a racist white cop gunned down an honor student on his way to his third job to support his mother with his hands up shouting “don’t shoot!”

 America has some serious soul searching to do

Many BLM commentators have attacked the NRA, claiming they are only for white gun rights because they didn’t speak out on behalf of Philando Castile; even though this contradicts the findings of a study performed by professor Roland G fryer jr. of Harvard, who found that an equal number of black and white suspects were shot by police while armed. Also completely neglecting the standard procedure for armed police encounters which Mr. Castile would have been taught and must prove he understands during the mandatory training for all concealed carry card holders!

These same people have absolutely zero to say when a black cop kills a white woman, when white’s are twice as likely to be shot by cops whom they have not attacked. But don’t you dare criticize them, you might be called a raist by internet trolls and hypocrites alike!

An attractive white woman- alone, possibly the least threatening person to be walking up to your car – when you’re responding to a call about a woman being sexually assaulted in that same alley was threatening enough to draw your weapon and shoot from inside the squad car!?

How do we fix this?

What we’re not going to do, is riot and burn down our own neighborhoods. No, it’s time we mobilize through social media, and by e-mailing the justice department and major news outlets about the need for justice, and the need to investigate the possible racial motivation for the slaying of an innocent woman! Write your congressmen and demand an end to the racial pandering, and the divisive rhetoric that is ripping our nation apart.

Racial violence works both ways, and with the massive uptick in racial violence against whites over the last eight years – and the last two years in particular, we need to stand up! The demonization of whites – in particular the white male, needs to come to a quick and abrupt end! We need to stand up for ours and demand not only justice for Justine, but for true equality for all Americans, by all Americans. What happened to the dream of a nation where our children are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character? This bull shit needs to end, and it needs to end now!



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