Kate’s law: A personal victory

The House of Representatives is on a roll, shooting bill after bill up the pipeline to advance the wishes of the American people. A major victory for the nation, as well as for myself, is the passing of the so called Kate’s law.

kates lawKate’s law increased punishments for illegal immigrants reentering the country after a prior conviction, in response to the murder of Katheryn Steinle by a criminal alien. Juan Fransisco Lopez-Sanchez was the Mexican national who shot and killed Katheryn – with a pistol he stole from an unlocked U.S Bureau of Land Management vehicle, he had been previously deported five times after seven felony convictions. If that alone doesn’t make your blood boil, the following exert from The Washington Post surely will.

“Lopez-Sanchez had just finished a nearly four-year federal prison sentence for illegally reentering the country. He was turned over to San Francisco law enforcement officials because of an outstanding warrant for a marijuana-related charge that was immediately dismissed. Local authorities later released him, despite a request from federal immigration officials to keep him in custody because of his undocumented status, according to a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Steinle’s family”. -Washington Post article

On top of his reentering of the country illegally and the knowledge that he was a career criminal, the notoriously liberal – and corrupt – regime in San Fransisco let this maniac go free, to roam their own city without permission and kill an American citizen.

This my friends, is exactly why the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act passed along with Kate’s act, is so crucial. Thank God the authorities of these cities will be held responsible for their despicable actions; which are (at worst) gross negligence! The City of San Fransisco in this case is just as guilty of murder as is Lopez-Sanchez!

I woke up to a phone call

It was early morning, March 31, 2007. I awoke to a phone call from my mom, when I answered the phone there was a brief pause before she said “Tessa died.”  I grabbed my keys, walked out the door and drove to Virginia beach, hardly able to see because of the tears. Tessa Tranchant and I grew up together in Virginia beach, and had known each other for roughly a decade. She was a close friend to my step sister, and our relationship was closer to that that just friends.

Tessa and Ally
Pictured: Tessa Tranchant (Left) Alison Kunhardt (Right)

The night before, Tessa and Alison Kunhardt, from whom she was inseperable, were sitting at a stop light when a drunken criminal alien hit them at around fifty to sixty miles an hour. Alfredo Ramos was so drunk, that he doesn’t remember the accident. He was charged with Manslaughter.

Here’s where the story gets all too familiar

This wasn’t the first time Ramos was drunk behind the wheel. He had been convicted of DUI in nearby Chesapeake, VA earlier that same year. Chesapeake at the time however, decided not to notify ICE, and released him. Ramos had also been stopped by police the week prior to the accident, when police noticed him urinating out of his vehicle door in a parking lot. Again, the police just let him go.

Cara talking about Tessa
Colette Tranchant ( Tessa’s mother) stands next to Cara Cordak ( right) as she gives a speech about her best friend, Tessa, at Kellem High School, Virginia beach

I remember the candle light vigil at Mount Trashmore a couple of days after her death, it was a very moving event. At one point, Ali’s father was speaking, and mentioned what a tragedy had befallen then, asking how this could happen. I shouted out in anger “it happened because the police didn’t do their jobs, this f___ wasn’t even supposed to be in the _____ country!!!” The crowd clearly agreed as brief cheering erupted before he calmed the crowd stating he didn’t want to make it political. But it is political, politicians have allowed, even championed the rights of criminal aliens!


Alfredo Ramos
Alfredo Ramos, Tessa’s killer, looking incredibly remorseful at trial.

I think not. At the trial Ramos repeatedly smirked as the evidence was displayed. His final smirk was after they announced his sentence of forty years in prison…. with thirty nine suspended. If Ramos is found in the US after deportation, he must serve the rest of the 40 year sentence… Suspended…. “If Ramos is Found.” With a smug grin on his face, this scumbag got away with murder. This incident was one of the primary reasons my eyes at 17, turned to politics.


Justice… Finally

Two years after the murder of Katheryn Steinle, seven years after the killing of Tessa Tranchant and Alison Kunhardt, and countless other preventable deaths, justice has been done! Finally the politicians have gotten off their asses to do the right thing! So as the left cries about how these bills are “not fair” to foreigners who blatantly ignored our laws and broke into our country, remember the many lives we have lost to those exact same people.

The combination of an eighty percent decrease in illegal border crossings, increased rates of deportation, enhanced law enforcement capabilities, and stricter penalties not only for the criminal aliens, but for the places that harbor these criminals, means that less Americans will die at the hands of foreign nationals! These bills save lives, and had they been on the books 10 years ago they might have saved two beautiful young woman who’s contribution to this world, we will never know.


RIP Tessa Tranchant


2 thoughts on “Kate’s law: A personal victory

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  1. Sad that innocent people must die in order for the government of the United States to fulfill the obligations of their office.
    Excellent article, thank you for speaking so boldly.


    1. I agree, it’s hard to believe that anyone could stand in opposition to this type of legislation. Hopefully, with immigration law being enforced, and these tougher laws on the books we will see a significant impact. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you!


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