The Swamp Thing: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders supporters are discovering what the rest of us already knew:

He is nothing but a fraud. Fraud it just so happens, is exactly what the Bern is under investigation for! The news broke late last week that the FBI was investigating Sanders wife, Jane, for bank fraud; as well as allegations that the senator used his political influence to get his wife’s loan approved. While you’ve likely read about these aspects of the investigation, there is so much more the media isn’t telling you.

Burlington college

From 2004 to 2011, Jane Sanders was president of Burlington College. According to the report, she fudged donor contribution numbers to sway the bank, who along with many members of the colleges board of trustees, thought it was a bad decision. The loan was for a proposed expansion, acquiring multiple acres of land from the Catholic Diocese – who were trying to settle numerous sexual abuse allegations and needed quick cash. Yeah, I know, you can’t make this stuff up! The bad deal, eventually led to her forced resignation – with a severance package estimated at $200,000 – and the eventual closing of Burlington college.

…And a paycheck for every child.

In 2007 Carina Driscoll – step daughter to Bernie, opened a for profit business named Vermont Woodworking school. between 2009 and 2012 Jane managed to funnel more than $500,000 into their daughters business. According to publicly available tax records in 2009 Burlington college paid Carina’s school $56,474. This amount more than doubled the next year, eventually reaching $182,741 in 2012, the final year payment were recorded. This is ironically, the last year the school would’ve had to pay Carina’s business, as the arrangements for 2012 school year were likely made by her mother before she was forced to step down in the fall of 2011.

This is blatant nepotism! At a time when the college could hardly operate within it’s budget, Burlington – under Jane’s leadership, decided to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a for profit college? Diverting enrollment fees, and student housing fees to VT woodworking school? Before Jane intervened, VT woodworking was on the verge of closing it’s doors and by the end it was the largest program offered by Burlington college.. This brings up an important question.

Did Bernie and Jane Sanders pressure the bank into giving them the loan, to funnel money through the college and into their daughters pocket?

It’s hard to argue otherwise. Burlington college was barely making it before the loan, it made no sense – to anyone, to purchase all that land for an expansion that couldn’t be envisioned by enrollment trends, donor levels, or any other factor. The only new program at the school, was ran by Sander’s daughter, for which the classrooms and lodging were at a separate location in Fairfax, VT.


The Snake oil salesman

Lots of greased palm oil!

Yes, the same man who railed against corruption, fraud, waste and abuse during the election, used his political influence to force a bank to give a bad loan to a small college ran by his wife, who was funneling that money to their daughters business. A college where Bernie’s image of Americas future was coming to fruition every day with it’s graduation rate of only 20%, a median salary of only $26,000/year 10 years after graduation, and out of control debt caused by the mismanagement of institutional funds being slipped into the pockets of those in power… Socialism in a nutshell.

Bernie and Jane’s scheme, resulted in the closing of Burlington college. We may never know how much money they skimmed off the top, but I’m sure it was a disgusting figure. The irony is that this same man, who betrayed the students of Burlington college, went on to promise free tuition to all of Americas students. Like the students of Burlington college, they believed him. The next big question is: Why are we just now hearing about this?

As if this display of corruption and cronyism wasn’t enough… Then there’s the election

Investigators began looking into the allegations of the Bern’s interference in the loan process in January 2016, under the Obama administration. The FBI investigation somehow failed to reach the national media, until coincidentally, after the firing of James Comey.. During the election there wasn’t a peep about an FBI investigation into Bernie Sanders or his wife! 

While we heard tapes of Trump’s locker room banter, a blanket lawsuit he was wrapped up in from the 1970s, sexual assault allocations that vanished shortly thereafter, and now Russian collusion… We didn’t hear a single word about the investigation of a presidential candidate for outright abuse of power, and cronyism until after tbe election. In fact, we didn’t hear about it until we received a new Attorney General, and FBI director.

justiceThis highlights James Comey’s blatant partisanship. He never spoke of the Sanders investigation, postponed the Clinton foundation investigation until after the election, and even admits that he and Loretta Lynch conspired to minimize the impact of the Clinton e-mail investigation on public opinion by referring to it as a matter, instead of what is was: A criminal investigation. This proves once and for all, that Comey is a completely unreliable witness, not to mention a leaker of classified information.

Obstruction of justice

Bernie Sanders has called for the resignation and firing of James Comey on multiple occasions. Once again attempting to use his political office for personal gain, he called for the firing of Director Comey, while under investigation by the FBI. While after president Trumps firing of Comey, the senator called Trump’s firing of Comey obstruction of justice – do to the same alleged reason he wanted Comey fired, he likely surmised that without Clinton in office to choose Comey’s replacement, the new FBI director would be appointed by a member of the GOP and put pressure on prosecutors to bring Sanders to trial. Prosecuting a sitting member of the US senate who used their position for personal gain, would be the ultimate victory for president Trumps campaign promise to drain the swamp.



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