John Ossoff, and the referendum on the Trump agenda.

The Democrats and their media fanboys have been claiming for months that the Georgia special election would be a referendum on the Trump agenda, they were right!

While they suddenly want to claim that it was not a referendum on the Trump presidency – because they lost, the fact remains that it is exactly what they made it out to be! After pouring upwards of sixty million dollars into this single district election, John Ossoff – the Democratic candidate, lost by 4 percent of the vote. This is the latest in a line of defeats for the Dems, and while the American people are telling them why they’re losing, it seems the voters are screaming at a wall. The globalist elite in the party symbolized by a jack-ass ( the irony is astounding) refuse to accept the truth: The American people are vehemently opposed to the Democratic party agenda.

All day the mainstream media pundits, and political opportunist alike have been throwing around as many excuses as possible to see what sticks, much like they did after their historic defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

  • not rain!“Turn out was low because of bad weather.” Apparently liberal participation in elections is based on weather, as they might melt in the rain. There is potentially some truth in this, as snow flakes are known melt in heat and/or rain.



  • ha!“We have to admit that John Ossoff wasn’t a perfect candidate.” Yes, because Donald Trump was the definition of a perfect candidate, and that’s why he won the election. Again, there’s some truth. GOP candidates are simply more favorable to American voters, who appreciate candidates who they identify with: Patriotic people who value hard work, want lower taxes, better opportunities and to be protected from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Democrats typically don’t fit any of the above criteria.


  • “He lost because of Nancy Pelosi’ outspoken support, she is a poor leader and voters want her and her cronies out of office.” While I don’t blame them for feeling this way, it’s simply not the case. Ossoff had more support and funding than possibly any candidate running for a seat in the House of Representatives in the history of the United States. The silver lining here, is that for once a political victory wasn’t determined by the money, but by the message.
  • “If Democrats think they can run and win simply by claiming they will oppose Trump, they are wrong.”


Ding! Ding! Ding! Got one! The truth of the matter is, Ossoff – and the democratic party in general, have an identity crisis. The democrats have absolutely no agenda to present the American voter other than resistance to the Trump agenda. After eight years of worshiping the ground Obama walked on, they have no direction without their dear leader at the helm. They are in such complete denial as to what has happened, and how the blue wall crumbled to the desire for a border wall that they must push the narrative of the Russian connection. In spite of all the sworn testimonies, and all the reports from top intelligence officials claiming that there is absolutely zero evidence, or even credible intelligence alluding to the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.


What the media has refused to tell the American people, is that the so called investigation into collusion, is not a criminal investigation, but an intelligence probe into allegations of Russian meddling in the US election. We now know, that Russians did attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections, that Obama administration knew about Russian hacking of election systems, voter roles, and various departments of  both federal and state governments as early as 2013 and did nothing! However, the decentralized nature of our election system made it impossible for them to

  1. Change or delete any votes cast.
  2. Prevent any lawful American citizens from voting on voting day.
  3. Sway a voters opinion on whom to vote for using fake news – as the media and Clinton campaign tried to convince us of in vain.

The last one is crucial to understand, as the democrats have pushed a narrative that Russian interference cost them the election. They claim that the Russians specifically targeted the DNC and released damning information. They leave out the part where Russian intelligence services hacked the RNC as well, Trump being an anti-establishment figure, means that damning information about the RNC would likely reinforce his appeal as an outsider. Apparently, no damning information was found. This backs up what I and other Americans have been saying for years: The Democratic party is the party of corruption, cronyism, and elitism.

It is by its very nature as a left wing party, the party of cronyism. The Democratic party is a member of Socialist International – an international organization of socialist parties and PAC’s from around the globe. In 2013 they became a founding member of the international Progressive Alliance, which is an organization of political parties who decided they no longer wanted to pay the $162,000/year membership fee to Socialist International and created a new organization …. Cheap bastards.

A party in crisis.

During the campaign, Democratic pundits and media personnel repeatedly claimed that Trump was tearing the party apart, and that the GOP was fracturing. How ironic that it is the Democratic party who’s crumbling before our eyes. Why are they failing?

The democratic party is, and will continue to lose every election because they have forsaken their base. They demonize the white working class as uneducated, bigoted, and going the way of the dinosaur. West Virginia, solid DNC territory went red, why? Because their traditional candidate- Hillary Clinton, stated that coal was going away, and coal miners just needed to deal with it… Not what voters want to hear.

This, combined with their incompetency in actual governance – which they cover up by pushing this… perverse social agenda in an attempt to lock in more minority votes to offset those they’re losing among the majority voting demographic. In their lust to control the votes of minorities, they have forsaken their largest constituency by insulting them and attempting to make them irrelevant.

The left’s message has been that the average voter doesn’t know what’s best for them, that only the politicians are intelligent enough to have an opinion. As NPR stated yesterday (6/21/2017) on Marketplace, “While a carbon tax is completely rational, the average voters is completely irrational…” This speaks to the heart of the problem. This elitist message has turned off the traditional Democratic base, in favor of the right of moderate/populist message of Donald Trump.

Many who are closer to the center- the traditional Blue dog Democrats, see the issue and want those on the far left such as Pelosi, Warren and Sanders to step down, or at least shut the hell up. Their struggle is that all of the money in the party is held by far left activist and PAC’s – Think George Soros, and the Center for American Progress – who will continue to financially back the far left candidate regardless of public opinion.

The Virginia primaries

In the recent primaries for the office of governor in my home state, the far left candidate, John Perriello, received all of the money and was projected to win by a landslide – seeing a pattern here? No? well, let me help you!

He was defeated by a more moderate candidate in an embarrassing upset. The liberal response is in complete opposition to reason, yet all too typical: The candidate wasn’t left enough! Those in the party who have sense, must be going crazy from the nonsense.

The referendum

The truth of the matter, is that Americans support the president and the GOP led congress. It wasn’t the Russians who voted for the GOP, it wasn’t the media, it was the people of the United States of America who elected Donald Trump and the GOP! After 8 miserable years of weak leadership, a stagnant economy, the building of the largest surveillance apparatus in the history of the world, and the decay of our institutions, Americans were fed up!

Election 2016 by US Counties
If this isn’t a mandate for the GOP, I’m not sure what is!

People who voted for Obama twice and who were lifetime Democrats, voted for Trump and the grassroots candidates of the GOP. We want our country back, and no amount of media slander or obstruction from the party of irrelevancy, is going to stop us! No amount of vile rhetoric from leftist politicians who’ve accomplished nothing in 30 years in office, nor the decapitated heads and mock stabbings of our president from the drugged up perverts of Hollywood are going to sway our opinions! Trumps popularity in spite of the nonstop media assault are going up.

Ben Garrison is my spirit animal! MAGA!

So until the Democrats look in the mirror and realize they’re the problem, and that they’re losing because they lack an alternative to the GOP plan of increased jobs, prosperity, and security, they will continue to lose. Now is the time for congress to act! The elections are over, and the GOP has a mandate from the people to enact their agenda! The only hope the Dems have is that they’ll come up with a solid, actionable plan, and that the GOP controlled congress will do nothing.







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