U.N.finished business – Climate cartel

The Paris peace accords are another perfect example of how the United Nations pick pockets the American tax payer at will. If President Trump does nothing else the rest of his term, this accomplishment alone would make him a good president. The Paris Accords turned the climate initiative into an international welfare program for bloated bureaucracies and dictators around the globe – much like the U.N peacekeeping operations we discussed in part II.

This is not a discussion about the validity of man-made climate change. I honestly don’t care whether you believe it or not. In my opinion, whether its true or not, we should take care of our planet. While I can’t excuse tin foil hat group – or the douche lords in big diesel trucks who remove the emissions systems so they can blow black smoke everywhere- I believe that the bulk of Republican voters wish to see the earth respected. Being typically from rural areas, and being the type of people who either spend a great deal of time outdoors, or who live off the land, they not only believe in conservationism, they practice it in their daily lives.

Its easy to talk about loving the earth while you sit at starbucks drinking from a paper cup in a permanent structure made of cut down trees and mined stones, typing on your mobile device made from conflict minerals, being powered by the coal fired power plant up the road… It’s another thing entirely to practice what you preach. I urge everyone to spend more time outdoors, and be more conscious of how your lifestyle affects this beautiful oasis God gave us… or that magically appeared out of vast nothingness.

climate-cashcow.pngLikely in hopes of finding his next job, Barack Obama co-wrote and enthusiastically signed this “deal” in the spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt – The father of the modern Progressive agenda, and who’s vision of the United Nations, was a redistribution of capital from (soon to be) former colonial powers, to the newly independent nations in Africa and Asia. It seems his dream is slowly becoming a reality, thanks to the lot of useful idiots on the left.

“In short, the agreement doesn’t eliminate coal jobs, it just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States, and ships them to foreign countries.” – President Donald J. Trump

Contrary to what the media has been claiming, Trump doesn’t need the senate to back out of the accords. You can thank Obama for that one.

As of now 147 of the 197 nations have ratified the UN climate treaty. Congress was never even asked to look through the damn thing… Like most legislation passed between 2009 and 2016, Congress either never saw it, or were only allowed to read it the day of the vote. Why you ask? Former POTUS Barack Obama used his slick tongue – and team of lawyers – to claim that the Paris agreement was a treaty an international executive action. Therefore, there was no need to have congress review the document, and thus no opportunity to rebuke the tremendous burden it places on the American tax payer!


What would you say, you do here?

Philly antifa getting what they deserve

In a nutshell, any nation can sign on and receive funding from uncle sam – courtesy of Obama and the UN! The difficulty in discovering and disseminating information regarding what is in the UNFCC and how it will affect our nation, is that the Paris agreement ties together close to a dozen other agreements, conventions, mechanisms for action and funds and makes them binding international law, overseen by a coalition of our opposition under the authority of the United Nations, while mandating a certain amount of money be paid by giving heightened authority and enforcement capabilities to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Aside from the United States, signatories to the accords get to choose when they’ll begin to reduce carbon output, by how much they will reduce it – not to mention how much they’ll be paid to reduce emissions – and since third world countries are under no obligation to reduce emissions – and also experience systematic corruption within the brutal regimes which rule them- the money will most likely not be used for infrastructure and projects that reduce “susceptibility to climate related disasters.”  Such as – you’re not gonna believe this BS – Tornadoes, drought, flood, famine, wildfires, hurricanes and typhoons, coastline erosion, severe thunderstorms, and other climate disasters…. How do you determine if its a natural disaster, or a man-made natural disaster? Your guess is as good as mine! This is literally a mandate that enables any nations leader to rob the US treasury of billions of dollars by claiming a particular issue is the result of climate change, and by signing the Paris Climate Accords, we are obligated to pay them! 

Anything can be blamed on the climate!

In a UN infographic recently released by the UNFCC titled “Climate refugees: 2012-2014”  it highlighted the following nations as “nations with significant levels of persons displaced by climate related disasters.” 

  1. Syria
  2. South Sudan
  3. Nigeria
  4. Iraq
  5. Lybia
  6. Somalia

… Notice anything, odd about that list of nations? All of these nations during those years did indeed produce a tremendous and heartbreaking amount of refugees… All of these nations are also engaged in civil war or military operations against Islamist factions loyal to ISIS!! For the UN to try and claim that a changing climate is the cause of the refugee crisis in the middle east, is absurd but all too common. Let’s not forget that our (former, thank god) Dear Leader, Barack Obama once claimed that the sectarian violence in the middle east was the result of climate change, as did Bernie Sanders.


Fast start financing initiative

In 2009 it was decided that developed countries needed to give money to African and small island nations to help them implement energy reforms without the delay of proper planning, program vetting or accountability. The United States, Australia and New Zealand, The European Union, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Japan would contribute close to $30B to these nations in what would be come to known as Fast start finance. The US paid the largest share of $7.5B, a quarter of the funding the other 37 nations would contribute.

China, the worlds third largest economy after the USA and EU, receives subsidies from other nations – including smaller economies such as Australia and Japan – yet can double its fossil fuel power output for the next 13 years. how do you spell “stupid” ?

Why is China, the world’s third largest economy, receiving money instead of contributing it? Is China’s economy not large enough to build its own clean power plants? It’s strong enough to exponentially expand and upgrade it’s military, begin work on the New Silk Road – an intercontinental infrastructure project- as well as to build up artificial islands in the middle of the ocean in order to control international trade routes… but they can’t find it in their budget to put up some damn windmills?

How much is enough?

Pretty accurate depiction of what’s going on.

If it were costing American tax payers $7.5B biennially before the accords were signed, what will the cost be in 2020? 2025? Some independent evaluations put it as high as $80B per year, and that figure doesn’t include emergency funding for climate disasters. A report released at the UN Bonn Climate conference –  one of those many conferences, agreements, and so on which the Paris accords tied together – claims that $50B per year will be needed by 2020 to cover unavoidable climate loses and damages... If their cost estimates for peacekeeping operations and food aid are anything to go by, than figure is a wild underestimation. Doesn’t matter to them though, they don’t have to pay it, you do

Make sure you don’t forget the additional $5B annual contribution we’re slated to give the UN for climate research.  Climate research.. yes, because there’s nothing an international bureaucratic body does better than scientific research! I believe you can clearly see the absurdity of this nonsense, and why Obama took it upon his self righteous ass self to have his Goon squad lawyers burn side step the Constitution allowing him to “save the world” from the American Imperialist horrors of global climatastrophy.

give us money
India is allowed to double its coal power up to the year 2020. They agreed that if they receive a $1T  payment up front, they will begin to phase out coal power after 2020… STUUUUPID!

 “If the United States pulls out of the Climate accords, it will fall behind in renewable innovation.” : WRONG!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The US was an energy innovator long before the UNFCC, or even the prospect of Global Climate Change. We are the worlds research center, any great innovation coming from abroad is typically funded by the US government or private sector. We gave the world the power grid, nuclear energy, air and space travel, the list goes on, and will continue.

So, what is the goal of the UNFCC?

President for life Robert Mugabe demanding yearly Climate Cash. I’m sure he won’t do what he did when the Chicoms gave him millions to refurbish the state of the art hydro-electric dam the Rhodesian’s built back in the day…


can’t be to help the environment! We can clearly see that based on the ability of other nations to pollute as much as they desire for the foreseeable future – because as long as America shuts down the roughly 80% of it’s power plants the world will be saved … Right?

The purpose of the Paris Climate Accords and the UNFCC is the demobilization of the American economy, as it redistributes the last of our wealth into the economies of autocratic nation’s around the globe. By cutting our ties with coal, oil and natural gas, OPEC’s monopoly on world oil markets returns, and the cartel wide recession, caused by US shale, ends. For the socialist and islamist autocrats in power, business booms as they increase prices, and get paid by the US to supply the 200-400% increase in demand to fuel all those shiny new power plants we funded. Beijing and all the nations in its sphere of influence become the NATO of the East – oh joy of joys.

China debt cartoon


If the United States goes the way of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the world will go into a new dark age. Right now, we export restrained capitalism and Republican governance around the globe. We encourage human rights, freedom of speech and the press, religious freedom and tolerance, etc..


Should the Chinese communist hold the reigns, then communist values will be exported around the globe! The Chicoms do not value human rights, they don’t believe in freedom of the press, their citizens are forbidden to speak out against the regime, etc. We must not forget that the government in Beijing today, is the same government who oversaw the great leap forward and participated in the cultural revolution! Less than 30 years ago, China was a closed Communist nation nearly identical to North Korea. A nation where minorities are brutally oppressed, human rights are a foreign concept, and where the military is loyal to the Communist party – not the nation of China or the Chinese people, is not the type of nation you want as a global leader.

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Not today China
Luckily we have a president with balls again! We are fortunate enough to have an ardent nationalist in the white house, who understands that a strong America is needed for world peace and stability. A man who understands that people around the world look to us as a bastion of liberty, prosperity, and equality. The president shared the American peoples desire for America to be the great nation we not only were, but felt we were! We are tired of being beaten for pissing excellence.

So, Paris be damned! We are masters of our own destiny, we will use the money we work so hard for to better our quality of life. While we rebuild the infrastructure of this great nation, we will surely build renewable sources where we can, but we will not be chained to technologies that are unreliable and inefficient. We will not hand out billions more dollars to oppressive and corrupt regimes. The globalist have been defeated for now. They can run their mouths from across the pond, but it sure would be sad if the American military was suddenly pulled from the near defenseless riches of Europe, with the Mongol hordes at the gates!

The UN is a failed organization. The climate accords are in no way designed to decrease global temperatures, any more than their “peacekeeping”missions are meant to resolve conflict. It is nothing more than a charade to keep the US treasury open to the bureaucrats. We have had enough! But, what do we do about the UN?

Obama UN.png

-“And I would’ve gotten away with it too!”


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  1. Wow what a TOTAL scam!! Thankfully someone who cares about this nation, and its people stood up against stupidity… so apparently you Can Fix Stupid


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