U.N.finished Business – Part II

Blessed be the Peacekeepers peace makers

UN reality
From the United Nations first foray into peace keeping on the Korean peninsula, they’ve come to symbolize the gold standard of military incompetence. Rigid command structure and tactical capabilities, lack of interoperability between various nation’s forces, low levels of discipline and moral, and notorious rates of corruption and abuse from top to bottom -crap rolls down hill- are just a few of the issues which have come to define UN peacekeeping operations. If you ever need to sum up in one word, the failures of UN peacekeeping, here it is: Africa.

Among the many notable failures of the U.N. is Sierra Leone

UNsierraleoneIn 1991, a civil war began in Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa. This conflict began when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) set out to control the countries diamond and ore industries. From the southern border with Liberia – the primary beneficiary and ally of the RUF – they set out for the capital, hacking off limbs along the way. After years of incompetence, and in a desperate bid to save itself and its citizens, the government hired a private military company known as Executive Outcomes (EO) to put a stop to the RUF advance as they approached the capital of Freetown, in 1995.



With the enemy at the gates, EO managed to accomplish in 7 months what the combined might of the armies of Sierra Leone and Nigeria could not do in 4 years of war.  In the opening ten days, EO pushed the RUF back 60 miles, a drive that would’ve made General Patton himself blush. The RUF was on the run, being cut to pieces while trying to escape the same fate they had so callously dealt to so many weeks earlier. The private military force amounted to 3,000 contractors, most of whom had decades of counter insurgency experience on the dark continent, with no more than 500 troops forward deployed at any given time. The progress made by EO forced the RUF to sign the Abidjan peace accord in late 1996.

The western press erupted in cheer, giving praise that was well due to the heroes of west Africa. The UN quite frankly, was butt hurt. The government of Sierra Leone was forced to terminate their contract with EO, under relentless pressure of the United Nations, who in their attempts to monopolize the use of force in Africa, branded Executive Outcomes as mercenaries. Executive Outcomes, didn’t look like the mercenaries of Africa’s early post-colonial past. They wore standardized uniforms with a strict rank structure, were disciplined as a state army, and were building a track record of success based on unparalleled experience, and compassion for the local population – that’s more than can be said about any UN peacekeeping force in history. Most importantly, their services were only available to nations with legitimate, internationally recognized governments.

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Regardless of whether or not the UN was offering Sierra Leone an alternative to the use of private military companies, Executive Outcomes was making the UN look really bad.

As compensation for their seven months of ( highly successful) operations, EO was paid $25,000,000. The UN operation in Sierra Leone by comparison, was given – according to the UN database – up to $615,000,000 per year! Most of their time in Sierra Leone, they were not engaged in hostile action, meaning operational expenses were greatly reduced.

Where does the money go? It goes into the pockets of the bureaucrats putting the operation together, to the pockets of government officials and military officers eager to volunteer for UN service. Like any operation being ran by non-western governments, corruption and pocket lining are part of the standard package. Come on, you didn’t honestly think that all these countries were doing this for the greater good did you? This is the same organization that cheered Robert Mugabe for blaming the famine and acute starvation issue in the former bread basket of Africa (Rhodesia, another UN disaster) on global warming and western imperialist… Yeah, totally our fault you killed all the white citizens, who built your nations agricultural economy. I’ts our fault you robbed the treasury, shut down the schools, and pocket all the aid money we send your starving people – while again, the UN says nothing.

Rwanda for example, contributes just over $16,000 per year to the UN budget. At the same time, it contributes 6,149 personnel to peacekeeping operations, for which the government receives $1,330 per month, per soldier. That comes out to $98,138,040 per year! For a country who’s GDP is only $8.096 billion a year, that’s a huge increase.


UN expenditure chart
Don’t you just love how much further up the “gimme” line we are?

Based on the numbers we’ve already established, it’s not hard to see how certain parties are really banking off this nonsense.

UN peacekeeping floperations will cost $7.96 billion in 2017, while the US, coincidentally, will contribute $8.0 billion to the UN this year alone – approximately 25% of the UN’s total budget. Yet they have the audacity to condemn us at every possible opportunity.

To my next point: The UN failure in Sierra Leone

SL 1997
1997:Less than a year after their near extinction by EO, the RUF controlled over half the country.

Once the free market had solved the problem, the UN stepped in to screw up the peace process, which started off with a bang.. That bang being the “kidnapping” of 500 UN peacekeepers and 13 armored personnel carriers by RUF forces in April of 2,000. They managed to rescue 220 peacekeepers in their only true military operation of the conflict, shortly thereafter they negotiated the release of the remainder with Charles Taylor – mass murderer, serial rapist and cannibal extraordinaire, who at the time was “president” of Liberia… Yeah, five years after Executive Outcomes brilliant campaign which without UN intervention would’ve ended the war, the UN was surrendering en masse, and negotiating with a dictator/war criminal for prisoner exchange.

By the end of the year 2000, the rebels were again at the gates of Freetown, and the UN position was falling apart. The British decided that enough was enough, and sent in troops – Sierra Leone being a former colony, and member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Brits had a soft spot for them. The UN, seeing that a real army was coming to save the day, quickly released a new resolution and mandate, just in time to claim their very first “victory” in peacekeeping.

“Never again… and again… and again”

Neveragain and again

The number of times the UN has stood by in the midst of genocide, is truly disheartening. Wasn’t part of the reason it was established, was to ensure the international community never allowed the Holocaust to happen again? Never again, they proclaimed. History has shown that, not only will it happen again, but the UN will stand by and do nothing.

“Well, they can’t be everywhere at once, you can’t expect them to stop every massacre.” You’re right… But what if they were there to stop a massacre… and didn’t? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Rwanda.


a little lateIn April 1994, a United Nations peacekeeping mission was “overseeing” the peace process in Rwanda. Tensions exploded, between the Hutu led government, and the Tutsi people who had supported the rebel army attempting to overthrow them. Early one morning, a crowd gathered at a school in Kigali where the UN peacekeepers had set up shop. Helena Nwitizina was among those who approached the UN compound seeking refuge. They pleaded with the peacekeepers to let them in, stating that men with machetes were coming to kill them. The peacekeepers refused, claiming they had been ordered to leave immediately. “We knew the UN was abandoning us.” Helen says, ” We cried for them not to leave. Some people even begged for the Belgians to kill them because a bullet would be better than a machete.

“We could not believe that the United Nations was just going to let us die. We were always hearing on the radio how they were there to help us. But when the killers were looking us in the eye and saying we were going to die what did the UN do?” – Helena Nwitizina, survivor of Rwandan genocide


File photo of a Rwandan boy covering his face from the stench of dead bodies
A young Tutsi girl amidst the carnage in Rwanda.

Within an hour, the 2,000 Tutsi who were at the UN outpost, were butchered. That same hour- as part of the Hutu plan to get rid of the UN – 10 Belgian peacekeepers were butchered by Hutu soldiers. Just as the regime planned, the UN called for an end to the mission. UN policy “shifted” to ensuring all foreigners and UN personnel were evacuated from Rwanda – how convenient. The Tutsi were left to their fate.

Within 90 days, 800,000 Tutsi men, woman, and children had been butchered by government forces and militia. The United Nations had forces on the ground in a position to stop it, and did not. Eye witness accounts state that when UN convoys were stopped by government (Hutu) roadblocks, they would offload Tutsi families to the Hutu soldiers and militiamen who were awaiting them with machetes in hand.


Irony in Israel


The facebook page of a UN operated school posting an anti-Semitic cartoon, encouraging Palestinians to run down Jews with their cars.

It’s no secret that the UN hates the Jewish state. As stated earlier, a big reason for the establishment of the UN was to prevent the Holocaust from being repeated, and to establish a homeland for the displayed Jews of Europe. Since then a constant barrage of resolutions have been made to condemn the right of the Israeli government to defend it’s people – even delegitimizing it’s right to exist as a sovereign state. The UN regularly gives credibility to the Hamas enslaved Palestinian territory, completely ignoring the hundreds of war crimes Hamas has committed against both Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli and international journalist entering the Palestinian territories, have discovered anti-Semitic and anti-American cartoons and curriculum being taught to the children attending UNRWA ( United Nations Relief and Works Agency) schools! Yes, your tax dollars are funding this racist filth being taught to children. We are paying for them to learn ” I want to be a martyr when I grow up” and ” Death to Isreal, death to America!”


The gangs all here.

In 2014 alone, there were 20 UN resolutions against Israel for alleged human rights violations, as opposed to 4 for the rest of the world… I guess the UNHRC forgot about Iran, Cuba, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia.. Nevermind, most of them are members of the UN Human Rights Council… After spending most of the year passing resolution after resolution condemning Israel, UN peacekeepers came under fire, and ran straight to Israel. It’s no surprise that they ran, it’s just terribly ironic where they ran ! Can you imagine how that went?

UN israel.png
I’m sure the encounter went something like this!

Observation Post 56

August 2014, Irish, Filipino and Fijian peacekeepers – part of the UNDOF mission- came under fire by Islamist forces of the Al-Nusra front, on the Syrian side of the Golan heights. Surrounded, the Filipino and Irish troops made a break for Israel, abandoning their Fijian comrades – a move unthinkable to American and Israeli warriors. 

UN mrap captured by nusra
A United Nations MRAP being used by the Al-Nusra front. Your tax dollars hard at work ladies and gentlemen!

The soldiers greeted them with open arms, and the UN forces were given proper quarter by the more battle hardened Israeli army. The 44 Fijian soldiers left behind were taken captive by the Al-Qaida linked islamist while they continued to push the UN from its numerous small outpost. Displaying again, the uselessness of the United Nations in war, and peace.

Rumble in the jungle: Liberia


What’s the worst punishment a UN peacekeeper has ever received for raping an 8 year old Liberian girl you ask? According to former U.N humanitarian coordinator for Liberia, Jordan Ryan ” peacekeepers caught engaging in such activities, are immediately fired.” … Wait, so a peacek(r)eeper tells a starving refugee mother that if she wants her food allotment, she has to let him molest her 8 year old daughter – or son… He just gets fired?! So in other words, the rapist “humanitarian” goes is relieved of duty with the UN, goes home where he is not charged with any crime and his victim, is left with only her guilt… and typically, with his baby.

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In most cases such as the one described above, the forced sexual encounters are considered by UN officials to be “transactional” in nature, since the victims receive food… apparently child molestation isn’t a punishable offense…

“the message is clear: You can rape or abuse women and girls and you can get away with it,” said Lewis Mudge, an Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Until troop-contributing countries bring peacekeepers accused of these crimes to justice, we can expect more of these cases in the future.” – article in the Hamilton spectator, Feb 27, 2016

There is absolutely zero accountability. But its not just Liberia, rape by peacekeepers is a systemic problem. Whether its Bosnia, Central African Republic, the Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, the Ivory Coast, Somalia, the list goes on. Only last year, in 2016 did the UN even attempt to start making a change. The UN released an updated resolution on sexual misconduct. That sounds good, but not a single UN peacekeeper accused of rape in the Congo, has been prosecuted. As low as 10% of those accused are even investigated. Any woman who is accused of having sold her body in the past is considered an unreliable witness to her own rape, and yes, another peacekeeper claiming the woman “exchanged” food for sex with him, is a credible witness. It’s a catch 22, these poor woman are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

Peace keepers abuse
Sounds legit.

Alongside the new disciplinary procedures, the UN has rolled out updated sexual abuse and corruption training for peacekeepers. They released this information however, in English and French only. The majority of peacekeepers, even if they were literate, aren’t fluent in either language! Disgust, doesn’t begin to describe how that makes me feel.

We cannot stand by

while innocent woman and children are being sexually abused by men with guns, who our taxes are paying to protect! We cannot stand by while people are being massacred in front of those we send to protect them! It is nearly inconceivable that an organization who claims to stand for peace, justice and accountability, could be causing so much damage across the globe – that is why this information is important, and why it is so important that we pass this information along to others! Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. That is exactly what has happened with the United Nations. They think that they are accountable to no one, They’re wrong!

Americans must raise their voices, as the largest contributor to the UN, and the worlds sole superpower, we are in a position to force a changes. What alternatives do you see to United Nations peacekeeping? Do you think the international community would be better off using a coalition model, funded directly by the international community? Do you feel the United States – or your country if you’re not American – should stop funding the UN entirely, or until certain changes are made? Do you think peacekeeping should continue, after being restructured for more efficiency and accountability?

Let your voice be heard! Take a second to participate in the poll below, or leave a comment! Then, head over to our Coming Soon!!! page to see what’s in store for part III! Part III will discuss how America and the west are being used as a cash cow by UN member nations, we will expose those within America who seek to use the UN to cripple our nations prosperity. Finally we will discuss solutions, and what a world without UN tyranny would look like. Stay tuned!!




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