The deception of democracy in America

“This is a democracy, right?”

It’s truly baffling to me, how everyone from coffee shop social justice warriors to prominent politicians, fail to grasp the simple fact that America is not a democracy. America is a republic, and the two are not synonymous. Every American learns these facts from a young age – as well as an explanation of how a republic functions – yet a large portion of the population still cease to fully grasp how this affects their lives. It seems that there is not only a general misunderstanding of the political system, but perhaps a targeted effort to misrepresent it for political gain.

But, why?

Well, we can see how a general misunderstanding of the governing system can be utilized for political gain in the rhetoric of the defeated party, following the 2000 and 2016 presidential elections. After the votes were tallied and the results were finalized, the democratic party went on a smear campaign in an attempt to delegitimize the lawfully elected candidate. They, at least in their own eyes, are justified in their complete refusal to cooperate in any legislative push by the president and ruling party.. In other words, justified in not doing their job. They and their followers claim that they have a duty to resist the presidents agenda, since he didn’t win the popular vote… Because, that’s how a democracy works.

Well, that may be how a democracy works, but lucky for us, America is a republic.


From the horse’s ass… I mean, mouth.

Vladimir Lenin once said that “Democracy is indispensable to socialism”.. He also stated that “the ultimate goal of socialism, is communism”. 

Therefore, we must not be swayed by the silk tongues of the Bernie Sanders and the so called progressives, who have slowly pushed us down the path to state socialism for decades, while enriching themselves atop our broken backs! They, we, have seen the truth. We know that democracy leads to self destruction, just as socialism, leads to communism, leads to collapse! This, is the reason they have pushed the lie of democracy on to our children for so long. If the slave thinks it is free, it will break it’s back to enrich it’s master. In a socialist system, every man is a slave to the state.

“We pretend to work, and Castro pretends to pay us.” – Popular Cuban saying


The Founding Fathers were adamantly against the United States operating as a democracy.

TJ droppin’ knowledge!!

The Founding fathers debated in Independence hall to decide, not whether the United States would be a democracy or not, but if they should establish a republican form of government, or a monarchy. These men realized through a lifetime of tireless study, what philosophers and citizens of antiquity discovered centuries earlier: Democracy is mob rule!

“It has been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.” – Alexander Hamilton


History provides us with numerous examples

Whether its Brexit, California’s many unconstitutional gun control mandates, or the crucifixion of Jesus, democracy has time and time again seen a lack of understanding and fear overcome knowledge and reason. In spite of all studies and statistics proving that more restrictive firearms regulations do not prevent criminals from acquiring and using firearms, the people of California, as well as other jurisdictions, chose to greatly hamper the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves. They did so out of fear, and because:

  1. They were not gun owners themselves, and had little knowledge of how firearms functioned. People are naturally skeptical of things they don’t understand.
  2. Their lack of experience with firearms also means that they were not subject matter experts, a common problem with the democratic voting process. Lack of knowledge regarding crime statistics in states or nations with varying levels of gun control, hampers their ability to make an informed decision.
  3. Referendums on gun control measures are almost always after there has been a senseless loss of life. This leads to a heightened emotional response. This also means that their time of interest in the matter is in the run up to a vote, when large political action commities step in with selective information meant to pursued voters to vote for gun control. Most pro-gun voters are already well established – equating nationally to about 44% of households. The other 66% are the uninformed target of these PACs who wish to see guns banned.

whatantigunnershearThe above combination of factors: unfamiliarity, misinformation, fear, and a heightened emotional response, always lead to the same outcome in a democratic system. These same factors, like coins, have an opposing face depending on which side of the issue the voter is on, and can be reinterpreted into ignorance, prejudice, fear, and hatred. They have been deemed as such in many instances preceding, and following democratic votes. Instances, such as Brexit.


If you believe 51.9 of Brits are bigots, congratulations! You’re who Stalin referred to as the “useful idiots”.

Now, I for one am in favor of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. I understand that the British people have the right to leave the union, and that their strong currency, centuries old global trading network, strategic alliances, and strong national identity will carry the day. The Brits are right to be fearful of open borders in the age of terrorism, especially considering the large, impoverished – and therefore susceptible to radicalization – muslim community. A nation who is looking out of their windows to see foreigners marching in their streets, demanding that a medieval religious form of government be implemented at the state level, has right to be outraged. All people have the right and obligation to be outraged at calls for state oppression of citizens based on race, gender, religious or sexual preference! Many on the left have determined this position to be bigoted or prejudice, hence, why I used Brexit as an example.


If you believe that Brexit happened because of bigotry, misinformation, and fear, than you have proved my point for me: Democracy is governance by an angry mob… Thank you!!Winston-Churchill-Quotes

It’s time we stop mislabeling our system of governance. Not only is it ignorance, it’s dangerous. To be willfully ignorant in the 21st century, is the equivalent of evil. The evil, or the danger, is that we might get exactly what some are asking for. A very vocal minority is causing a lot of trouble in the republic, and if they get their way, their “democratic-socialist” fantasy might become reality.


We must make every attempt to enlighten those who have been mislead. So I charge you, yes, you reading these words, ignite that spark in someone today. It’s easier than you think. Its as easy as sharing this article on social media, or starting a conversation. If each of us were to change just one persons perspective, that would double our numbers. It is up to we, the people to turn this thing around. If we don’t, no one will!

What are your thoughts?

Would you like a more information on how a republic functions in comparison to a democracy? would you like to get involved in your area, and don’t know where to start? Have questions or a comment about this article? Comment below, or start a discussion with friends on Facebook.


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