ANTIFA: Anti-Fascist or Anti First Ammendment? Pt. II


Leftist have always had a flair for the dramatic. Counter protesters for example, is simply a euphemism for: armed thugs who attack peaceful demonstrators who are supporting mainstream ideas and policy proposals. Look at any left wing propaganda – minus North Korea…. on second thought, let’s include them. they fit this narrative perfectly.. – it’s like some type of G.I Joe cartoon gone terribly wrong . Clever use of words may disguise their true intentions, but history has shown us time, and time again that they all want the same thing: A war, where leftist create a workers utopia.  That utopia just happens to be a world where any ideology that is not on the radical left is wiped from the face of the earth. Then, in this world devoid of non radical left wing ideologies, the radical leftist go to war with each other… Why? Because, “there can be only one!” no… not highlander! There can be only one ideology. In the mind of leftist, their ideology is pure, and every other ideology is equal to evil fascist capitalism. No, literally, listen to these little Stalinist terds:

“The current North American struggle against fascists and the alt-right does not necessarily mirror the fights of decades past or on different continents. For one, our enemies are rarely the obvious Nazis of yesterday. They have re-branded towards respectability, cloaked themselves in dog whistle rhetoric and appeals to “free speech.” They are a bizarre and contradictory amalgam of tendencies and beliefs: white nationalists, “anarcho” capitalists, 4chan basement dwellers, Fox News grandpas, Oathkeeper milita wingnuts, Christian Dominionists, right-libertarians; all united in their hatred of the left and increasing acceptance of militant street tactics.” –The ANTIFA Noise “Brigade”

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So, as I said in part I, these guys dub anyone who isn’t a left wing extremist as a “Fascist”. I mean shit, they even claim that anarcho-capitalist are fascist… are they not anarchist enough because they don’t also believe in communism?

  • Typical Veteran: Fascist!!
  • Your coworker who voted Johnson, is pro-pot, pro-abortion, and pro 2nd amendment: Fascist!!
  • Your grandpa: Fascist!
  • You, reading this blog: Fascist!


Notice how they claim we – since we are all fascist now – are becoming more accepting of militant street tactics ; In this increased acceptance of militant street tactics, is a euphemism for our right to self defense; They mean, we are becoming more accepting of playing the game by their rules… How dare we! Is it wrong to march peacefully in support of a presidential candidate? Should we be assaulted for marching to raise money for homeless veterans?

Yes, every day Americans were assaulted by ANTIFA in Huntington beach during a MAGA march to benefit homeless veterans. ANTIFA goons showed up to “silence fascism”…. What’s odd, is ANTIFA doesn’t speak about the Huntington beach episode when gloating about their “glorious resistance”. Maybe because they got their asses handed to them the moment they threw a punch.

Notice in the video, how these so called anarchist brought numerous photographers and video journalist to capture the violence, to feed their propaganda machine. If it weren’t for the unedited video of bystanders to show the leftist threw the first punch, surely the headline would’ve been ” Trump rally turns violent” showing the lefty getting his teeth fed to him. The truth it seems, will set you free! More on that later.

Another historical connection

Just as these leftist are claiming the right is becoming more comfortable with militant street tactics today – as a response to a hundred black clad thugs bum rushing small groups of flag waving, law abiding citizens – their forefathers in Germany did the same!  Their revolutions and street fighting were to fight the fascist government – yes, the “fascist” Social- Democrats – and instill terror into the middle class, to silence their voice… Seeing the similarities now? Well, that kind’ve backfired! The leftist were able to stop any mainstream fascist party from taking hold… So, the terrified German people lifted up another party who could fight the commies in the streets… One lead by a savior who was sent by providence. If you’re for some reason still wondering who, it was Hitler and the National Socialist.

The Nazis were more than a reaction to ANTIFA, the left created the Nazis!

Most of its founding members-  to include Ernst Rohm, head of the SA – were former members of the German workers party, the German Communist Party and various other far left socialist movements who had become disenfranchised by the lefts inability to seal the deal and seize power. The party was heavily reliant on left wing policy proposals until the Night of the long knives, when the Nazi leadership loyal to Hitler, broke with Rohm and the more left leaning sects of the National Socialist movement… by killing them, or forcing them to submit through fear. The parties membership swelled thanks to Germany’s masses of unemployed and embittered WW1 veterans. When news reports broke of a group standing up to the leftist in the streets, they were viewed as heroes and quickly backed by the fearful middle class, and various institutions of wealth and power throughout Germany. As we have already learned, violence disenfranchises the masses, driving them into the hands of your opponent… apparently some people havent learned that lesson. Good job ANTIFA!

How far can they really go?

Violent Philly antifaSo From attacking woman and children in a march in Philadelphia, to assaulting cops in Germany, it seems not much is sacred to these guys.  With people like the mayor of Berkeley in their ranks, and funding from Shady groups like the Alliance for Global Justice and other Soros funded organizations, these skinny jean samurai have a lot of potential muscle- just not on their bodies. They are aided by long established networks created by the old left and their class based/ workers struggle – to include the Treasonous UK Labour party. They are further aided by the new left – the neoliberals and the progressive wing of the Democratic party – who’s firm control of the media and arts, has led to an entire generation being brainwashed via subliminal leftist rhetoric from a young age.

 As long as they are allowed to be legitimized by a complicit media; who calls them mostly peaceful or Anti-Trump to fit their own narrative; they will continue to grow. The pool of over privileged, unintelligent youth dying to be part of “something bigger”, from which they have to recruit is simply too great. We must fight them with truth, as truth is on our side.

The Truth

The truth is that Trump is not a fascist by any stretch of the imagination. Claiming that he is a fascist simply because the KKK endorsed him is absurd! The Klan has endorsed a candidate in every election since they were formed at their sister brides wedding way back when. Does that make one candidate in each election cycle of racist/fascist? No, that’s absurd. No one takes the Klan seriously, especially the overwhelming majority of the American right. We need to educate these kids on the political system in America, and on the complete history of this country. Show them policy, and how those policies affect the population. Show them how certain behaviors are discouraged in our society, because they have a notably negative impact on the overall health of our society and cause a wasteful expenditure of revenue.

Show them the repeated failures of the left, regardless of the system or power structure in which they have functioned over the years. Show them how Communism took more innocent lives in the 20th century alone, than did all other ideologies in the history of mankind- to include fascism, Naziism, Nationalism, populism, and the combined world religions- by a factor of more than 3-1. Show them, that there is a better way, through dialogue. For the very few who will continue to reject the truth and cling to their radical ideology, well, they will fade into obscurity when their followers have abandoned them.

We’ve spent far too much time focusing on everyone’s feelings.

Everything these days is “well i just feel that…” NO! Feelings do not determine policy, what benefits the majority of society determines policy. Outrage and the mood of the public have their place, but when you abuse them you bastardize them. That’s exactly what the left has done over the last decade with protest marches, it’s overuse of terms like bigot, fascist, rascist, xenophobe, or whatever the new shock effect term will be next week when the effect has worn off the others. They talk all this jazz about Trump, or one of his cabinet picks being a tool for special interest.. ummm hello?! You’re a tool for special interest! You’re helping billionare’s and super PAC’s achieve their goals through militant means. You’re not some hardcore leftist revolutionary, if you were a true leftist revolutionary, more than 3 of you worldwide would’ve joined the Rojava revolution to establish an Anarchist/socialist utopia built on the platform of direct democracy. It was literally, exactly what you’ve been crying for – minus iphones, central HVAC, reliable internet, modern medical care, and everything else you take for granted. But, hey, who am I right? just remember, one day, you’ll either graduate college, run out of other peoples money; IOW the tax dollars your FAFSA comes from; to spend on college, or you will be killed/kill someone else in a riot and spend the rest of your life in prison/ eternity in that place you don’t believe in. Scroll down to see your future!

SLC punk
That’s literally you in a couple years, douchebag.



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