ANTIFA: Anti-Fascist or Anti-First Ammendment?

A wave of violence

Since the 2016 presidential campaign began, there has been an alarming increase in violence on both sides of the political spectrum. While the increase in seemingly random attacks is cause for alarm in itself, the rise of the radical left in an organized fashion is particularly troublesome. The major news networks, social media, and everyday conversation has been flooded with one acronym: ANTIFA. Who is ANTIFA? Where the hell did they come from? Are they defenders of the weak, or are they simply trying to silence views they disagree with?live-madness-in-berkeley-anarchists-clash-

It all started in post World War I Germany

ANTIFA ( Antifaschistische aktion) is a left wing paramilitary organization created by the German communist party. In other words, it was an armed wing of the German Communist Party – itself, funded by the Russians through the Soviet consulate in Berlin. Comprised of former fighters from the Red Army of the Ruhr and the Bavarian Soviet; both were failed communist uprisings, defeated by the German government; in the 1920s-30s.

itx7w3oaTheir primary purpose was the taking of physical territory where non-communist political parties and organizations would speak, or had established a support base – much like we see today at universities across the United States. By this time, the German communist party had deemed all non-communist or anarchist political parties as Fascist or Fascist friendly. The Social Democratic party for example; a center-left party; was dubbed “social fascist” in communist rhetoric and propaganda. This too is similar to ANTIFA rhetoric today, which frequently brands the POTUS,  the Tea party, III% movement, mainstream conservatives, and even many libertarians as “fascist”.

Calling ANTIFA a paramilitary organization, is not some stretch of the imagination. explains this in the section titled “A brief history of international Anti-Fascism” as follows:

“The left scrambled to the defensive to set Hitler back on his heels, setting up its own combat groups (Kampfbunds) and attacking Nazi meetings and events… When Hitler took power… the Nazis immediately demobilized the Kampfbunds, including Antifaschistische Aktion, and sent the left to concentration camps.”

Odd, they forgot to mention in their heroic narrative that the communist in Germany had their thugs in the streets as early as 1917. Fascism, was the right wing response to communism. Don’t let ANTIFA lie to you

But aren’t they fighting the good fight?

Short answer: NO. We all agree that Fascism is an evil we wish to never see take hold in western civilization again. The problem is, these guys aren’t fighting fascism, and that’s obviously not their primary goal. Their purpose today, is the same as it was at their inception: the spread of radical left wing ideology, in hopes of a workers revolution. What they’ve done, is exploited the extreme partisanship of modern America, and the excessively nasty rhetoric of the presidential campaign – “everyone’s a fascist” – capitalizing on it for their own political agenda.

A coalition of the willing

ANTIFA has become in a sense, an umbrella under which a whole slew of shady organizations are working together. Numerous socialist, anarchist, and opportunist have banned together to seize the moment. A decentralized control structure allows individual sects of ANTIFA to maintain a sense of anonymity and security in the event that one sect is broken up. This is by no means a new tactic, in fact, it’s right out of Mao’s playbook. The Vietcong for example, operated in much the same fashion – until they were decimated during the Tet offensive, and largely replaced by NVA regulars – but that’s a story for a different time! Let’s discuss some of these wonderful organizations:

“NO!” signs courtesy of RefuseFascism. UC Berkeley

Capture+_2017-04-28-00-09-32RefuseFascism: The self styled Anarchists organization who’s “counter protesters” were responsible for the recent violence at UC Berkeley during Milo’s visit. Fun fact: they received at least $50,000 from a Tuscon charity- The Alliance for Global Justice- who in turn receives funding from everyone’s favorite billionaire instigator of unrest and violence, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. They have stated recently that they intend to block Milo’s upcoming return visit as part of free speech week, by “any means neccessary”.

In a recent article posted by they made clear that their traditional tactic of shutting down opposing points of view by controlling physical locations was working.

 “What is great about Milo in this situation is that most of his right wing and Alt-Right friends have abandoned him, and his profile is so high in anti-fascist circles that even a brief appearance will get shut down quickly.  That is, of course, only if an organized response happens, which, in Berkeley, is assured.”

Red Action: A pro communist paramilitary group originating from the UK, adhering to “Trotskyism” – Soviet communist theory. Beginning in 1981, they have been a major source of left wing media and have aligned themselves with numerous violent left wing organizations in the UK and abroad. Also aligned to Irish Republican movements within the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom – in plain terms, the IRA. Birds of a feather.. terrorize together?

The web can never be fully untangled, due to the decentralized command structure. For example, the following is a short list of organizations allied with ANTIFA in the Atlanta area:

Atlanta Antifascists
Atlanta Resistance Medics
Athens Antifascists
General Defense Committee, Atlanta branch
Atlanta Redneck Revolt
Anti-fascist News
Ida B. Wells Coalition
Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America
One People’s Project
Socialist Party of Central Alabama
Workers’ Solidarity Alliance
and the Young Dems of GSU.


So, here’s the thing about silencing peoples views with violence

News flash: It doesn’t work. You may be able to terrorize people into silence for a short period of time, but during that time you’re making a lot of enemies. This political cartoon really says it all honestly, I should just stop typing!… But I won’t, you know this by now.

Capture+_2017-04-26-17-56-19The KKK was able to suppress – not silence – the voices of both blacks and whites in the south who wanted an end to Jim Crow, for many years. However, even the whites who were sympathetic to segregation, turned from it when confronted by such barbarous acts being done to other human beings. This turning away didn’t instantly manifest itself – again, that fear thing – but it is what saw the sharp decline of the Klan and segregationist sentiments. Rioting, and violence have the same result.

A recent study published by the Social Science Research Network; perfomed by professor Matthew Fienburg, University of Toronto; reaffirms that extreme protest behaviors actually reduce support for the social  movements they seek to benefit. For example, seeing reports and footage of Trump supporters being attacked outside of his rallies, led to many undecided voters feeling a sudden strong support for then candidate Trump – according to Mr. Fienburd. If there’s one thing Americans don’t like, it’s people trying to force other people to believe a certain set of ideas.

Anarchy in the U… Mom, wheres my snack-pack dammit!?

Thankyou Banksy!

As we’ve seen time and time again, radical leftist will always use violence as a means of silencing opponents. The last thing they want is to be forced into a policy debate, where their views can be picked apart and crumble just like the USSR or republican Spain. Most of these self styled anarchist and socialist are the same affluent white kids they claim to hate so much. Unfortunately, mislead children have ruined great nations in the past. Therein lies the dilemma; take them 100% serious as the violent suppressors of free speech that they are? Make fun of them for being young mislead hypocrites who claim to be anti-fascist, while acting like fascist? On more than one occasion, I’ve decided to simply propose a few questions as they ramble on to their equally ignorant friends at the local coffee shop. When they begin to realize that they can’t answer the most simple of questions regarding how______ would work, they get frustrated. Frustration leads to anger, anger leads to… having an extra hot, upside down mochalattechino, with soy milk thrown in your face to the tune of ” F$@# off FASCIST!!”


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