Liberty and Justice for all.


“There was once a dream that was Rome, you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish. It was so fragile and I fear that it will not survive the winter.” -Marcus Aurelius (Character in Gladiator)


I spent a great deal of time last night reading – six hours to be precise. I read the history of Rome – from the republic, to the empire, the splitting into east and west.Constantine-the-Great-2 Then I read of Constantine the great, and his reforms and legacy, all the way  until the Byzantine- Sassanian wars and the Muslim conquest of the 7th century. The empire collapsed and the world was plunged into darkness, Kings, Caliphs, Sultans, Dukes, and emperors ruled western society. Though Roman society had long been flawed, it remained the greatest hope for the world until its demise.

It wasn’t until the 18th century, that the “dream that was Rome” was whispered once more.

It was a “new world” – a world of new possibilities. We Americans became the caretaker of the worlds most precious commodities: Freedom of religion, and the legalization of Apostasy and Atheism. Freedom of speech, we were allowed to voice our distrust and disagreements with political and national leaders. The Freedom to defend ourselves and our families by force of arms: the right to defend ourselves against criminals, oppressive government, and foreign invaders. Freedom to be secure in our persons and property: protected from unreasonable search and seizure – the right to privacy.

We established these rights as God given, unalienable human rights. This idea was considered to be radical in the 18th century – and still is, to nations following the manifesto of Mohammad, who typically have not progressed since the 8th century AD.constitution

For the first time in a millennium, the aristocracy was smashed, no man could wield unchecked power, we all would be the masters of our destiny. We would stand side to side and defend each other, regardless of our beliefs. we would stand together for the first time in over a thousand years, as a democratic, free society. Regardless of color or creed, we were – and still remain – Americans!statue of liberty

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

This dream could not be stopped by barriers, be they lingual or steel! The west awoke once more, and an age of unimaginable progress emerged. Advancements in industry, the sciences, the arts, medicine, political theory, social justice and equality – this would become the legacy of the United States of America: Servants of a king who rose to be free, and free the world from itself. By the late 20th century, the continent of Europe and North America had been almost completed united in democracy and tolerance. Yet, as always, the East saw our advances and our wealth and wanted to take it.

As the Rashidun Caliphate expanded, an early successor  and friend of Mohammad – one of the “ten guaranteed eternal paradise” –  proclaimed ” We should vainly seek the indissoluble union and easy obedience that pervaded the government of Augustus and the Antonines.” Islam has always been inherently imperialistic, and oppressive. These people have never come to understand how the Greeks and Romans were able to “control” such a vast territory, comprised of such diverse ethnicities, religions, and languages. This vast cultural difference between east and west, had been a source of conflict long before Constantine envisioned a conquering army with crosses painted on their shields. Mohammad on the other hand, was an acknowledged tyrant – and pedophile. He was hell-bent on controlling an empire, and emerged with a brilliant political manifesto – a blueprint for a new form of government known as The Quran .EarlyIslamExpansion

Islamic law, is a political system which brutally suppresses our beloved freedoms. It is nearly identical to fascism in every way. An Islamic nation must be ruled by one man – A sultan, king, or in the early years a Caliph. In the few Islamic nations which have religious minorities, they are brutally oppressed – as fascist nations have been towards any political movement outside the party. For example: in at least 11 Islamic nations, Apostasy is punishable by death. The remainder of Islamic nations typically take the offenders children into state custody, and place them in prison for life. They will fine you, flog you, and your marriage is subject to annulment.hezbollah

Religious police and extremist paramilitaries are also common. Much like the German SS, and the Italian Black shirts, paramilitaries such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,  the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Mutawwi in the United Arab Emirates, these groups use fear, intimidation, and summary public punishment to ensure public cooperation with the regime. Somehow, we Americans have allowed this to be justified due to “religious tolerance.” Western nations are excusing Islamo-Fascist movements in our lands, and the implementing of Sharia law ( foreign laws) on our own soil. This is not religious tolerance , it is allowing an ideological movement mirroring Naziism to flourish in our lands. People proclaim “Not all Muslims are like that, the vast majority are peaceful.” This is true, it was also true in regards to the German people in the Third Reich – who we mercilessly firebombed until the unconditional surrender of the regime. The majority of Nazi party members didn’t support genocide, but they also did nothing to prevent or stop it. This is the attitude we must adapt to the people of Islam.

We are now the caretakers of this dream, and we must defend it at all cost!


Just as our ancestors stood against the British Empire, the Mexican empire, the German and Japanese empires, and the Communist Russian empire sweep1– we must stand against the enemies of freedom: Islamo-Fascism. It is incomprehensible that we would allow these fascist a foothold in western civilization! Even in a free society, when a religious practice harms other people, or infringes on their right to self determination, those who adhere to that ideology must be expelled from the society. The armies of Islam are on the move, and seek to destroy western thought and subjugate us to their barbaric ideology. We must, preserve the republic for our children. Just as the fall of Byzantium plunged the west into darkness, so too will the fall of America.


We are the light, in a very dark world. In their darkness, the world looks west.article-1334920-0C4DEC19000005DC-212_634x729

I have been blessed to meet people all around the world, and I love to speak with people from Africa, Asia, South America, etc.. When they find out I’m American, they are virtually always excited. They typically say ” One day, i want to travel to America and drive a motorcycle down route 66. I want to open a shop, the American dream!” The route 66 part always makes me laugh inside, these conversations give me immense pride and gratitude for my country. Many people, even from Eastern-European nations, ask if I can help them with a work visa or citizenship. They tell me of the horrors of that outer darkness, that which we only read about in the papers. I have heard stories of Islamic and communist guerrillas coming into their village and hacking up their friends, secret police on the corners listening to what you say and reporting you for dissent. I’ve heard stories of police kidnapping and torturing family members. Reduced rations and a 1 bedroom apartment for a family of 4, because the family sized housing had been occupied by married couples who are in “the party”. This is the truth of life under any oppressive regime, be it Islamic, fascism, or socialism.


Could you imagine if your child had to live in a world like that? well, they might if we don’t act to defeat the enemies – foreign and domestic – of our beloved constitution.



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