UNfinished Business


The Arab Spring has turned into the endless summer.

unfortunately, the only waves we are riding are waves of violent bloodshed, all over the middle east. The fall of generations old dictatorships have left a power vacuum all across the middle east, and peoples with no clue how to govern themselves have fallen to the imperialist of old: Islamic fundamentalism.  But how did it happen, and why has the UN been seemingly absent for so much of this? With the bloodbaths in Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, and others, you would think by now they would have a formula to soften these blows, and get these peoples economies, liberties and lives moving in a 21st century manner. Let us take a step back in time, so we can grasp how the Iraq/Syria situation became what it is, and why the UN is so powerless to stop it.

order 66 B

“execute order 66” …errr  I mean “UN resolution 1441”

We all remember the controversial speeches of president George W. Bush which fired up the American people to lead the “coalition of the willing” into Iraq, but we tend to forget the full spectrum of reasons we embarked on such a fruitless endeavor. After the Gulf war, the UN had a list of requirements that Saddam had to follow. After numerous warnings and his repeated violations of those policies, the UN had enough. As a permanent member of the UN security council the US was obligated to enforce the councils resolutions. Once that “Mission accomplished” banner was risen however, the UN wiped its hands and left our people to bear the burden of securing and rebuilding Iraq. Would post Saddam Iraq not have been the place to show the full potential of the UN to keep the peace, build infrastructure, schools, etc..?Peacekeeping ops total 2012

Considering the US provides over 25% of funding for UN peacekeeping operations, you would imagine we could use these forces when carrying out their dirty work. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq has maintained no more than 1,904 personnel since 2002, and most admittedly are based in Jordan and Kuwait. After the timetable for a US withdrawal was made public – and Obama made clear he would withdraw all US military and political assistance – why did the United Nations not step in, and do what the peoples of the world pay for and expect them to do?




There one really simple explanations to UN inaction in Syria: The “big five”

It has taken 5 bloody years of civil war for the permanent members of the UN security council to get involved in Syria. Ironically enough, they’re not there because of a security council mandate, they each have different allies, and different agendas. Russia and China support Assad overall, Russia is also intent on destroying the Islamic state to shore up Assad, but also as revenge for Daesh downing a Civilian passenger plane over Egypt. UK and French forces have been there to support the opposition and battle Daesh – French airstrikes have also increased drastically since the horrific attacks in Paris. The United States sides with the opposition, and united with her allies, who sought her through the darkest days of the 20th century. The US is also widely involved in Iraq, attempting to save what so many young men and woman died for – as the result of a UN mandate. un-syria-resolution-veto-by-russia-china-called-a-e28098travesty_

Had Russia and the US been able to agree on regime change from the outset, the civil war could’ve been ended with UN involvement before “the extremist front” opened up in late 2013. But why? Why didn’t the UN, or even the US take action sooner? US intelligence knew of Daesh as early as 2007  – then called “Islamic State in Iraq” or ISI-  when President George W. Bush spoke of them in a congressional address. When Observers noted the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” gaining steam in Syria, combined with Shi’ite Domination of Iraq, no one saw the next move? I did, it was obvious what would happen once the Sunni tribes were tossed out in the cold. They had only recently ceased to support Al-Qaida in Iraq, when General David Petraeus funded Sunni militia – such as the “Sons of Iraq”– to guard their lands and assist in US operations. Petraeus also guaranteed them a voice in the national government if they turned from Al-Qaida and other Sunni extremist groups. Once pushed out of their government, it was only a matter of time before the Sunnis began to fight back. The fact that a revived and more powerful Al-Qaida spin off was gaining ground in Syria, already established in Iraq, and hellbent on forming a “Caliphate” didn’t ring some alarms for immediate concern and intervention, blows my mind.michael_ramirez_new_michael_ramirez_for_05022013

The kicker for me though, was when the rebels and Assad were fighting Daesh, and Daesh retreated into the Iraqi desert.. emerging just months later to take half of Iraq and Syria, while being rocketed into the world media. Had the United Nations simply did their original job in Iraq – embedding a large, semi-permanent, UN funded and operated network of peacekeepers, political and economic advisers, industrial and agricultural engineers – Iraq wouldn’t be a shattered dream today. Syria wouldn’t be in shambles, creating the greatest international refugee and military crisis since the second world war, if the UN had simply done what it was made to do. We know that couldn’t have happened though, because the UN is an absolute and complete failure, its a joke. It is a corrupt organization, getting rich off the suffering of untold millions. The UN has hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths, and at times, literally handed innocent men, woman, and children to the perpetrators of genocide. From Korea onward, the UN has done nothing but cause humanitarian catastrophe, while allowing the US to take the blame for its lack of resolve.


Stay tuned for part II, cause we’re about to get really familiar with the UN we are about to go into their mismanagement of dozens of conflicts and crisis, their handing over of innocents to the perpetrators of genocide all over the globe, just to turn around and push for reconciliation. strap on your seat-belts ladies and gents, its about to be a bumpy ride!











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