Th’IS IS’ the problem


The problem is deeper than just one group of extremist. The problem is Cultural. The solution therefore, must be Cultural.

Americans have a hard time understanding the divide between us and them, what makes us so different? The Arabs simply have a different culture than we do. They aren’t brought up believing the world is what we see it as. It’s a culture of bigotry, like that of imperial Japan. Like the Japanese and their allies, we need to completely destroy their will to fight, redraw the lines of their nation’s, occupy and guide them for a long period of time.


There is a widely believed myth, that Daesh ( the Arabic name of the Islamic state) expanded through Iraq and Syria in a brilliant modern blitzkrieg. The truth is far less impressive. And is the lynchpin of the whole shebang. The Sunni population in Iraq had been stripped of political and military power by the Shiite dominated government – having its revenge against the decades of Sunni domination under the Bat’thist regime. when America pulled out of Iraq, Obama senselessly and in total ignorance, pulled our political advisers as well. The inexperienced Shiite leadership grew closer to Iran, and hatred began to fester in the Sunni regimes.

Daesh took advantage of the Sunnis misfortune. Being a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist organization they had common ground with the moderate tribes, whom they promised a state of their own, political clout and military power, if they let the militants into their land. This is how Daesh covered so much ground so quickly, appearing in major Iraqi cities almost overnight. This Sunni Arab connection is indeed their strength, but also their weakness – as they can only hold Sunni dominated territory.


You can clearly see Daesh is contained to the Sunni areas. Their initial gains into Kurdish and Shiite areas have been easily rolled back over the last year. Their control of the border region between Syria and Turkey – which is a Kurdish majority region – has only been possible because of the massive support Daesh received from the Turks, who buy their oil, sell them weapons, and allow them safe passage across the border. At the same time the Turks commit what can only be described as crimes against humanity, they are ruthlessly locking down the border to prevent the Kurds from receiving aid from their brethren in Turkey – which host ( and oppresses) th majority of the world’s Kurdish population. They hunt down PKK and YPG soldiers and logistics chains to prevent them from being able to defend themselves and assault Daesh directly.


The problem is bigger than ISIS. The problem is the intermixing of groups of people who simply can’t get along. They never have, and they never will. The majority group will always brutally oppress the other, these are not multicultural environments. America has focused so much on the Sunni extremist, that we’ve ignored – and at times helped – the Shiite extremist. Iran sponsors numerous Shiite militias, which have taken large swaths of territory and in some cases rule nation’s.


Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi in Yemen, Islamic jihad in Palestine. The Jews vs Arabs, Arabs vs Kurds, Turks vs. Kurds, Sunni vs. Shia, Arabs vs. Persians, Persians vs. Arabs, Sunni vs. Yazidis, Muslims vs. Christians vs. Jews vs. Egyptians, the madness never ends!!

If you kids can’t play nicely together, we’re gonna have to split you up. I know its convenient for historical revisionist to blame all of this on America, but like a great man once said “we didn’t start the fire..”


ISIS is easy enough to defeat, so long as the commander in chief does his job… For once. – or maybe the French? Who knows, somebody, anybody: PUT TROOPS ON THE GROUND!!! Then, we can simply partition Iraq, Syria, and parts of Turkey as punishment for betraying NATO and aiding terrorist.


Splitting the territory up by ethno-religious lines makes all too much sense. Most of the citizens of Iraq and Syria do not consider themselves as such -based on my personal observation – they identify with their ethnic and religious backgrounds. As I said, its a culture of bigotry. A confederation of independent republics, divided by those factors would be a workable solution. There needs to be a stabilizing, progressive nation in the middle East. There is only one people who meet that profile – who also hold enough land and resources to make a difference ( sorry Israel, still love you) that people, that nation is: Kurdistan


Punishing Turkey for their part in the Daesh dilemma, sends a clear message to nation’s like Iran, Pakistan and North Korea: if you fund terrorism, we will dismantle your nation. Partitioning all majority Kurdish land – as well as all the land the YPG and Peshmerga have bled to obtain and defend after they were abandoned by their “legitimate” governments in Iraq and Syria – would be a win for western foreign policy, stabilizing the middle East, rewarding the blood sweat and tears of a long oppressed people.


These two maps really drive home the correlation between battle lines and ethno-religious lines. The sane Syrian “civil war”‘ we were all rooting for can be saved in the green zones below. The homegrown and foreign jihadist hijacked the rest of the country and painted it red.


As far as Syria is concerned, Rojava obviously goes to the proposed Kurdish state. There’s also the option of merging the Sunni sides of Iraq and Syria( to the north and east of Palyrma) under a stable and sane regime after the fall of Daesh. The western portion of the nation which is dominated primarily by Druze, Shia, Alawites and Christians – who have typically lived in relative peace together – can continue as a democratic Syria, extending towards the center of the country, west and south of Palyrma – or what’s left of it at this point.


… Things are just different over there..


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