The Rising Red Tide – Part: 1

Who would have guessed the west would be in the grasp of socialism two decades after the fall of the USSR.

Not long ago we viewed socialism as the ultimate evil, we were prepared for a nuclear Armageddon to prevent the spread of socialism into western Europe and the United States. Today the S&D is the second largest party in the European parliament, François Hollande is years into reforming France into a socialist paradise of high unemployment and immorality. High taxes, universal healthcare, education and other social benefits are crippling Western European economies. In the US, a progressively more socialist-leaning Democratic party, pushes America ever so gently into the hell of a failed ideology.


How did we get here?
Clever maneuvering on the part of our cold war adversaries! The Soviets were well known for their ability to place spies and sympathizers into favorable positions. One of these was a Canadian man by the name Lauchlin Currie, a Harvard graduate serving as economic adviser to President Roosevelt during the Second World War. Currie was responsible for drafting the Banking act of 1935 effectively a reorganization of the Federal Reserve which strengthened its position, a necessity of the socialist inspired reforms named the “New deal”.

During the war Currie spent a great deal of time in China. During which he pushed for greater sanctions on Japan, and further operations against Japan from China using American volunteer pilots – known today as The Flying Tigers. These actions would contribute later to the decision to attack Pearl Harbor. Currie was instrumental in executing a very suspicious order by Roosevelt, which returned cryptographic documents to the Soviets and halted all decoding operations by US intelligence services, during the war.

After the war in 1948, congressional testimony was given claiming Currie to be a member of the Soviet Silvermaster spy ring. He was cleared of the allegations in August of that same year. However in 1954 when attempting to renew his US passport, his request was denied. It was not until the declassified files of the VERONA project were released later that his name was officially implicated as a source for two Soviet spy rings.


The New Deal was the first obvious push towards socialism in America.

I have simply highlighted a single step by a single player to show how one well placed member of this ideology can cause tremendous amounts of havoc. As functional literacy rates drop, unemployment benefits, social security/disability, as well as food stamp benefits constantly rise; the shift is obvious. We have somehow found ourselves looking at our ideological enemy, as an acceptable course for our future. For some reason we believe “we can do it better, we can do it right.” Before long, we will find ourselves in the same position as all those before us who played with the fire of socialism: cold, hungry, silenced masses.

“Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein 

How do we undo these changes?

 In the 21st century state socialism and mixed economies are nearly identical. A certain amount of government oversight is needed to protect the consumer from predatory economics. However, the reforms currently in place wouldn’t be necessary if we had a thriving economy. With the global market firmly in place the main role of the government needs to be keeping America a profitable place to do business. With proper cooperation between Uncle Sam and the private sector, welfare and unemployment output could be minimal. Lowering corporate taxes, and giving tax incentives to businesses expanding manufacturing in the states is a decent start, but lets think bigger! The crumbling industrial infrastructure around Americas manufacturing base leaves vast swathes of the industrial heartland in near third world condition.

Public-Private cooperation

If a company like Ford for example, is willing to move a factory from Mexico to Detroit, there is a lot we can do to make this more attractive. We could offer to tear down and rebuild the dilapidated housing in the area using funds from government and local sources. Job training would be offered to local welfare recipients, once training was completed they could begin work at the factory. If they neglect to finish the training or start working on their appointed date, they would be removed from government assistance programs. What we need in America is an attitude of No work = No food. Helping someone in need is a noble thing, allowing others to take a free ride is something different. If you can perform a task, one will be appointed to you, if you refuse you go hungry. While using these benefits our citizens should be monitored closely to ensure they are actively seeking employment, and fraud should be swiftly punished.


The Flying Tigers

Silvermaster Spy ring files


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  1. by SIMPLY bringing manufacturing back to the USA we could solve so many issues ie. unemployment, BENEFITS such as health dental and retirement, no need or minimal need for government entitlement programs (the fact that its called entitlement is an issue all its own) it REALLY is insanity that we continue to employ other nations with manufacturing jobs leaving Part time fast food and retail stores the only option for far to many not privileged or able to afford a college degree…. Pitiful…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, but how to bring the manufacturers back to the US is the real question to be answered. Now, because of reliance on the state it will be a painful process. But it can be done! Thank you for commenting



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