Lame duck nationalism – The decline of America


I must state how typically American this whole thing is. We could care less about The Great Famine of the 1990’s that starved well over 2.5 million people. Their constant threats of war we simply brush off as the ravings of a madman on a tiny peninsula somewhere. Sunshine filled staycations at concentration camps, reports of exported labor camps all mean nothing to those in the American bubble. All of that is irrelevant, because what really matters is – in the elegant words of a friend of mine – “who the fuck are they to dictate what movies I can or cannot watch?! I’m a fuckin American! We need to do something about this!”


Are we that comfortable? Are we really so shallow as a nation that widespread human rights abuses get the green light, and we are only roused when our ability to see a comedy is threatened? This is shameful.totingould be ashamed by our inability to unite for any meaningful reason. We are so easily swayed by lies, so easily pacified as things collapse around us! I mean we have NATIONWIDE rioting because a black man was shot by a white cop, even when evidence was brought forth proving he did not have his arms up, there was rioting. But, when four Americans were killed during the September 11th 2012 attacks in Benghazi – no rioting. No one seemed to care at all when you compare it to the outrage over “the interview”.


Why am I surprised?
I have no idea, honestly! I hear more anti american propaganda from Americans than I do pro American opinions. The internet seems purpose built to push anti American ideologies. I debate with colleagues fresh out of academia who spew socialist ideology like its the hip new trend, completely ignoring the truth and the facts of the deadliest ideology known to man. They talk of American imperialism and the greed of wall street. They don’t even grasp the fact that socialism/communism is like Nazism on steroids with a smiley face. If I present the truth and show them solid facts, their brains reject it and they go into a flurry of insults to remain ignorant. There is apparently a sickness in this nation. The ones who care are deceived by the socialist lie, in some odd attempt to be different – from what? I’m not sure.. The ones who don’t care – or know enough to have an opinion – are appeased with shiny gadgets, and aroused by inflated stories of social injustice. Two sides to the same coin, minted to destroy our nation.


Appeasement is the new policy on all fronts. We appease the evils of the world by loosening sanctions, allowing annexations and proxy wars to go unopposed. We allow nations to starve and oppress their people while threatening us with war. Americans get upset over forced health insurance, slow economic recovery and the revealing of endless government lies, but do nothing aside from posting a sentance or two on facebook. How did we become such a culturally bankrupt society? our leaders know if we get even slightly aroused when they grab at our privacy and freedoms, all they need to do is appease to our need for false activism. Simply give major media attention to any story with even the slightest hint of social injustice and voila! We’ll completely forget about the NSA.


We can’t stay united as a nation for more than a few weeks, maybe a few months at most! When 9/11 happened, there was this beautiful thing that happened. The whole nation came together! Suddenly everyone was waving american flags, painting them on their lawns and cars, political bickering stopped, even road rage seemed to cease as we all came together to say “we won’t be broken, we will stand together and fight.” Where did that go? It didn’t last, that’s for sure. By the time we saw the president standing on that aircraft carrier in front of the banner that read “mission accomplished”, we were donating our ” proud to be an American ” t shirts to the salvation army and moving on with our lives. We don’t define ourselves as Americans. We are white, black, Hispanic. When asked what we are we respond “well I’m Spanish, German, Irish, Italian, native american, Swedish, Scottish, and Canadian”….. Anything but American, which you are!… Shameful

The day is coming…
The day is coming, when we will be forced to make a choice: remember our heritage and fight to restore the light that is America – an advanced, prosperous civilization where people of all reasonable belief systems can live together in a mutually beneficial society. Or, allow cleverly disguised bigotry and slavery to creep in and smash that light, sending our nation and the world back into a time dominated by religious and racial oppression, financial hardship and slavery. Democracy or security service controlled totalitarianism? Opportunity or socialist slavery? Religious tolerance or forced adherence to atheism or Sharia law? There are endles reasons that everyone of us should be proud to be American. Patriotism and nationalism are not right wing or republican ideas. You dont have to be a beer drinking, gun toting, Toby Kieth fan. We have to be willing to set aside whatever our differences are, and work together to preserve – and sometimes fight to regain – the freedoms our forefathers fought for. Men, woman and children have bled for us, died for us because they believed in us! 

“Any real change takes more time and effort than changing channels on the tv set.” – Jello Biafra



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