nevermind the man behind the curtain!


Let’s get down to the bitter truth shall we? Police brutality is at an all time high, because militarization of law enforcement and fear mongering are at an all time high! Now, how do you emplace a brutal system of control on a population without them immediately realizing it and fighting back? Well that’s easy, its a well documented process! Look at Germany during the 1920s and 1930s. All you have to do, is play on people’s fears. “We have to stop the communist!” Was the cry in Germany, to play on the peoples fear of a hostile communist take over, and the brutal oppression that would surely come with it. Next step was to divide the people by having the media bombard them with racial propaganda. Stories of German people being raped, murdered, robbed, ect.. By ethnic Poles, French, ect.. Throughout the areas taken under the Versailles treaty  were published daily, and who was behind it? Those darned Jews. So whats different in America? We hear stories daily of illegal immigrants storming the border, and these Hispanic people creating a huge burden on the US economy. To further isolate over 43 million American from their brethren, the media is glorifying the deaths of young black men. Placing them up as martyrs, promoting only stories where the man killed is black, and the killer, white. They don’t care if the information is correct, and even blatantly lie about documented evidence of violent crimes being committed, claiming social injustice. The truth is, this is not a race issue. More whites were killed by police officers than blacks in 2012, and this is a common trend in our lifetime.


We could go into white on black vs. Black on black killings, ect, ect. To further prove my point. But the fact is, this is the government and medias way of keeping our eye off the ball, so let’s wake up shall we?

Rioting and looting are opportunism at its finest. If you want to violently rebel for attention, don’t rob and destroy privately owned businesses and vehicles that your neighbors have worked so hard to build. Stealing from and destroying government property would be a much more logical response. You would be retaliating against the authorities directly instead of punishing an innocent party just to receive media attention. Its not like this was a spur of the moment, impulsive action. These people knew long before the courts made their decision, that if there was no indictment they would go on a looting rampage. Knowing that, the core group of individuals responsible for inciting the violence should have directed it towards the police precinct, courthouse, ect… Instead they showed the nation their nature and accomplished nothing but getting free electronics, clothing, and alcohol. The rioters showed the world that we are a morally bankrupt society.

Racism is an individual belief and act, institutional racism in the government ended what 40-50 years ago. The only place it exist now is in organizations like the NAACP, the new black panther party, the nation of islam, the Aryan nation and the KKK. which highlight race as a qualifying status, and use it as a way to make money and lobby the passing of legislation that is racially biased. All of these racist/ extremist organizations should be forced to capitulate. As long as we support racist organizations like the ones I mentioned, we can never move forward. There will always be racism but if we as the everyday citizenry of America, individually stop allowing it to be a qualifying factor then it will cease to be a qualifying factor collectively in our society.


The tragedy isn’t in the color of the participants skin, but the fact that deadly force was acceptable against the people police have sworn to protect! The tragedy is the full implementation of police state policies and how the sheep we call Americans have seemingly given up our will to fight for our children’s freedom. We are free falling into the police stateBut at least we have our smart phones, Facebook and an economy. Even if it’s a stagnant economy with high unemployment and low wages…. That’s a discussion for a later time. Again, this isn’t a racial issue. This is a police brutality and state control via fear, issue. Racism is just the flashy, fiery display meant to blind us from the truth and keep us from uniting.


It seems every degree now requires all students to take a blatantly racist class that teaches all people to feel hostile towards white people, and excuses bad decision making essentially as a racial trait. Its left wing extremism at its finest; it teaches our young adults that we are a racist society, intolerant to the end and that the world sees it and believes we are hateful. They teach that the world hates us, which i find hilarious. Students at Harvard during their studies have determined that the USA is an exponentially greater threat to the world than ISIS. From my experience speaking with and debating numerous people from every continent  ( even a sophisticated, yet mildy inebriated walrus from Antarctica…..) Americans are viewed as friendly , and in the words of many ” too tolerant of other races, religions, and nationalities”.. Which I agree with to some extent.. ie; the rulers of our society pushing political correctness to its most extreme form. This program is also teaching racial and religious intolerance to young adults and substituting an experience based opinion for a political agenda fed to us as “fact”. The class I speak of is sociology . Almost everyone I know who has come through college having taken this class blindly believe it as fact and are full fledge racist, i have noticed an especially strong racist point of view coming from graduates of the Virginia Communist University (VCU).


This is again, the same formula used by the Nazi party in the media, and universities of Germany. Which I will remind you was the most sophisticated society in Europe at the time. Germany was revered around the world for its breakthroughs in Medicine, physics, ecology, public health, engineering, government assistance, and the arts. The same system was implemented in Russia and the soviet states, the British empire, communist China, and imperial Japan. So yes it can, and is happening here. A wise woman once said ” the funny thing about it is: when you’re being deceived, you just don’t know it!



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