The Specter of Single-Payer

All across the nation, the specter of socialism is rising. Everyone from the potential 2020 Democratic field to the Washington Post are claiming "it's time to give socialism a try." Here in my temporary home of Seattle, the Democrats are pushing a ballot initiative to implement a statewide single-payer system; two of the three declared... Continue Reading →

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Countdown to Midnight (Pt. 2)

For months after the 2016 presidential election, daily attacks were launched against President Donald Trump by the mainstream American media regarding alledged ties to Russia. Trump was described as "Putins pawn" and a leader who would stand aside as Putin chased his dream of rebuilding the Soviet Empire; One media figure - who in most countries would've been imprisoned for his words, went as far as to say that the presidents mouth was "nothing more than Putin's cock holster". Not only were these reports wildly false, they completely neglected the reality that President Barack Obama's strategy towards Russia was one of appeasement. Don't roll your eyes, read it, and discover how EX-President Barack Hussein Obama made Neville Chamberlain look more like Ronald Reagan.

The Resistance

Every American, regardless of political affiliation, needs to read this article! Thanks Dave.

David's Commonplace Book

I don’t object to the opposition that Democrats have shown towards President Trump and his policies. The Democrats are the opposition party and their job as the opposition is to, well, oppose. I am not one who complains much about gridlock or that the government isn’t moving fast enough. As far as I am concerned, gridlock is precisely what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution. They were most concerned about protecting the rights and liberties of the people and did not want a situation in which the majority could vote away the rights of the minority, thus they intentionally made it difficult for the federal government to do much without a broad consensus among the people. If I wanted a government in which everyone marches together in lockstep, I would consider moving to China or North Korea. What I do object to is the way that the people…

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The Swamp Thing: Bernie Sanders

The news broke late last week that the FBI was investigating Sanders wife, Jane, for bank fraud; as well as allegations that the senator used his political influence to get his wife's loan approved. While you've likely read about these aspects of the investigation, there is so much more the media isn't telling you.

John Ossoff, and the referendum on the Trump agenda.

The Democrats and their media fanboys have been claiming for months that the Georgia special election would be a referendum on the Trump agenda, they were right! While they suddenly want to claim that it was not a referendum on the Trump presidency - because they lost, the fact remains that it is exactly what... Continue Reading →

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